Telefonica logoBeing a web designer in Lanzarote is much the same as being a web designer in the UK, but for one thing, the scourge of all Internet users on the island. Telefonica. One simple word that makes the blood of many an ex-pat boil.

Things you should know:

  • In many areas the bandwidth does not come anywhere near close to what they say your package covers
  • The bills are fairly untintelligble
  • Often rural areas, and many new developments are not hooked into the system so, put simply, you can not get a line
  • There is a limited supply of numbers so in some areas you may have to join a waiting list
  • Although their sales line (for what it’s worth) can cater for English speakers (if they are in the mood), they do not offer ANY technical support in English
  • They are far from reliable generally and can cut off lines for hours or even days for engineering work – without notice….

Very few residents on the island have good tales to tell about Telfonica – that, as you may guess, includes ourselves!