Businesses using Facebook profiles… Enough is enough!

ReportWe’re forever harping on about business using Facebook personal profiles. I get more than a little irritated every single time I get a friends request from a business. How the hell can I ‘make friends’ with The White Horse Pub in Malaga (made up – if the is a White Horse in Malaga using Facebook properly please accept my apologies :)).

What reasons do people have for doing it? Here’s a couple of suggestions…

1. Because building the audience for a proper Facebook Business Page (where people have to opt in) takes a lot more work than banging out friends requests left right and centre to people they don’t know.

2. They may perhaps be too stupid to realize that it’s against Facebook rules (“Claiming to be another person, creating a false presence for an organization, or creating multiple accounts undermines community and violates Facebook’s terms.” –

In either case, it doesn’t reflect well on the business does it? It just show that they either a cheat or not very bright!

I have always reported any profiles I’ve seen that blatantly break the rules. We do things properly, the pages and groups we have we have grown organically. Why, when we do things right, should I not report others for ‘cheating the system’. Be warned.

Yesterday it got particularly annoying so I set up a group specifically to name and shame those breaking the rules. The theory being in a group (that will hopefully grow to some size), a bunch of like minded people can post links Facebook profiles posting as a business and everyone can then report bomb Facebook in the hope that they take more notice than the odd single report.

Are you one of the idiots who are likely to get your profile taken down? If so you should convert your personal account to a Facebook Page before you lose everything!

If you’re ‘one of us’ and get hugely irritated by the rule breakers why not join the Facebook group here – Report Businesses Using Profiles