Buying domain names…

It’s not very often we get excited about domain names – but I bought a fantastic domain yesterday. Nope, I’m not saying what it is (and you won’t find it via whois), as we haven’t actually decided what do do with it. Suffice it is to say that it is once of those names that just screams ‘use me!

The right domain counts for a lot both in terms of SEO and memorability – this is a simple ‘does what it says on the tin’ name. So good it could even mean an additional direction to our business. All we need to do now is to figure out how best to exploit it… Watch this space!

We’re always on the look out for interesting domains that we can or may use like this one, and also domain names that can be of value to our future clients.

Though we have no aspirations to enter the property business we recently bought the name ‘‘ with potential future clients in mind. It was a no brainer for us – a name like that can swing a sale as it has huge potential in SEO terms if managed properly. It’s a great name to hold in our collection until someone wants it or we have the right client to use it!