Social Networks

Businesses using Facebook profiles… Enough is enough!

ReportWe’re forever harping on about business using Facebook personal profiles. I get more than a little irritated every single time I get a friends request from a business. How the hell can I ‘make friends’ with The White Horse Pub in Malaga (made up – if the is a White Horse in Malaga using Facebook properly please accept my apologies :)). Continue reading

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

A social media presence is important, if not absolutely essential for any business these days. Of course you need your business to be as visible as possible – but, you still need your own space. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google – they all have their uses as part of the marketing mix – but you should always have your own website. Why? The answer is very simple – they control your content. If they change their policies or perhaps even (yes I know it’s unlikely) disappear overnight, you may well be completely screwed if you’re using one of these sites as the main platform for your business. Continue reading