Don’t fake it on Facebook!

This week our Spain Buddy Facebook page topped 1000 likes. We’re quite pleased with that – somewhere about 100 likes a month in the space of time it’s been up. Even better (apart from twisting the arms of a few friends as everyone does on setting up a page), all SpainBuddyare genuine likes from people finding the page via Facebook or visiting from our site.

Better than that, all are quality likes.

What do I mean by the word quality in this context?

Pretty much all the users of this page (and our others) have clicked on “like” from content we’ve posted or by visiting the page from the Spain Buddy website. They are genuine, and a fair number interact on a regular basis. We have not bought, faked, or bribed in any way. No ‘share this if you want to see the end of cancer’ stickers, no ‘click like’ to win a fictitious gold plated iPad’, we’ve never bought ‘likes’ from Fiverr. I would also say we have never paid Facebook for likes, but that would be untrue, we tested it for a few days and saw little benefit – the numbers increased slightly but we weren’t convinced by the quality of the new users.

If you’re looking to grow your Facebook fan-base, we’d always advise you do it honestly, and organically. Provide good content that is of interest to your site users and potential Facebook ‘likers’ and it will take care of itself in time.

Be you, be honest, provide the best content you are able, and the right people will (eventually) find you.