I’m a big fan of Facebook – I conduct much of my social life through it. However just lately I’ve noticed a  couple of trends that really irritate me. It genuinely is a social thing for me – and the constant spam is beginning to really get on my nerves.

There’s plenty of people right now touting Social Networking as the next big thing in marketing – what happens every idiot takes the total shotgun approach and blasts their friends list with spam? The vast majority of these people do not have the faintest idea what they are doing. Used badly Social Network Marketing will damage your reputation rather than enhance it.

Let me just make it clear – and this is to my friends too… I will not ever add an inanimate object, business, entity or organization as a ‘friend’. For your information – setting up profiles that do not relate to ‘real people’ are a breach of Facebook’s terms and conditions. So, you’re going to be wasting your time building up a list of friends on these profiles as sooner or later Facebook is going to have a sort out. If it continues I am going to make it my mission to make sure they do!

Also, I don’t mind getting invites to events – but please don’t waste my time sending multiple invites to the same event with different titles – I will delete them…

I’m happy to ´like´the pages and groups (which are intended for commercial use) of friends , clients and local businesses to support them. But don’t be offended if I don’t. Facebook to me is a purely social thing and promoting other peoples businesses to my friends is a long way off being the main reason I use the site.

From this point forward, without exception I have decided to report every fake profile, and every status update spam. Enough is enough. Perhaps its time to start binning those friends on my list who serve no social value to me and whose only use of the site is self promotion.

If you want to keep up with what we are doing – voluntarily – without being hassled or having it rammed down your throat here are the links to the pages for Gandy-Draper, Lanzarote Relocation and my own blog. All of which adhere to Facebook rules!

4 Responses to Facebook

  • I have just *deleted* my Facebook account. That´s right *deleted*, not just deactivated. Found a way to do this by googling “how to delete Facebook account”. I have never cared much for FB, and when I did, I spent at least a couple of hours (that I don´t really have!) a day reading and commenting on other people´s stuff.

    Now, this is not the main reason why I wanted to get rid of my FB account – it´s the privacy concerns really. Every time you click on somebody inviting you to join an application, FB passes on your private details on to those 3rd parties that own the app. And yes, they are allowed to do this, just read their (horrifying) privacy policy.

    Also, your photos, graphics, own artwork etc. is not yours any longer once you put it on FB. Oh no. They own all the rights to distribute your stuff to whomever they like. Just an example of this is a friend of mine recently saw a photo of her daughter in one of those little ads on the righthand side. She or her daughter had not given permission to use this photo, but hey, FB doesn´t need your permission (see privacy policy again).

    No wonder the founder of FB is such a rich bastard – he gets all the money from companies who want to buy “free” photos from hapless FB users.

    Anyways, that´s just my piece of cake, had to be said…

  • I do genuinely like it as a way to keep in touch with family and friends, but have my privacy nailed down pretty tight. Not a fan of their ‘lack of privacy policy’ either…

    I don’t like the new groups set up which allows people to add you and you seem to have to ‘opt-out’. Something wrong there. It’s like having to carry an ‘I don’t want to donate my kidney’ card! 🙂

  • @Alan – yes, the groups thing is just shite! Plus there have been quite a few spam messages sent recently by people who have had their accounts hacked (I manage a local bar´s FB account, and we have had quite a few of those!)…

  • I have now thought up something that sort of saves me and my artwork to stay MINE on Facebook (since my reply above, I have been on FB for a few months again now).

    First of all, I watermark all (or most of) my photos before posting them. Secondly, I don´t use apps, or if I do use them (rarely, cause I think most of them are so pointless) I delete their access to my account afterwards. Thirdly, regarding my music and videos, I post them on external sites like ReverbNation or YouTube before sharing them on FB so that they do not become the property of FB.

    One thing I do need to rethink though is the big chunk that FB has taken out of my time/life because of its addictiveness.

    Especially with all the cute cat pictures! 😉