I hate Twitter…

Yes – I do – I hate it with a passion… But today I’ve linked some of our Lanzarote sites to it through an automated process. I guess if it’s there it may as well be exploited – as long as it takes little or no effort.


But really, what is Twitter in terms of web promotion? It’s all but pointless to any serious small business . Yes, I can see it as a bit of fun for kids sharing their daily lives – but it strikes me as much like the days of CB radio – a bunch of sad individuals screaming into the ether hoping to make contact with new ‘friends’.

Everywhere I see ‘reports’ with ‘advice’ or ‘secrets’ (sic) about how to use Twitter, all for sale of course. They are not telling you anything you can’t find out for yourself with a bit of common sense and a few Google searches.  The get rich quick whilst selling you freely available information types really annoy me…

You see so many people boasting about how many Twitter followers they have – and that it brings them so many new hits. They put many hours into building this up – but in reality, there are so many ‘friend collectors’ out there, their efforts, and the resulting (low quality) hits are all but worthless. Their value doesn’t even come close to rivalling organic search visitors.

In conclusion I don’t mind automating this – but don’t expect to see me on there a great deal – I’ll leave it to the kids, the amateurs, and the get rich quick merchants. I prefer to spend my time on things that add real value to our business

If you are sad enough to take Twitter seriously and would like to add us – the user name is Lanzarote1971.

5 Responses to I hate Twitter…

  • I agree, but I’m one of those amateur kids with a get rich quick zest for life.

    I am now following you 😉

  • Huh !

    I tweet on twitter because “THEY ” say you have to be there !
    Who are “THEY ” ? Who knows !?
    So I twitter on a tree in Lanzaroteeee !

  • Alan,

    Like you, I am experimenting a bit with Twitter when I’ve got time, but mainly to see what benefits it might bring for business promotion and seo purposes. So far, I’m not really convinced about this to be honest, and it seems to me that most business people would not have time to tweet all day and all night anyway. There are better ways to promote a business!

  • Miles – past automating it as I described I won’t be taking it any further. I’ll leave it to the amateurs. To my mind unless you’re one of the big guys, I agree with you here, for the individual or small business there are far more effective ways to be spending our time.