Is it just me?

Perhaps its just me… But I get really hacked off when people use my name in what is, to all intents and purposes, a fake testimonial!

This is exactly what Facebook are doing with their ‘friend finder’ !

No doubt you’ve seen it as you’ve been around on Facebook – it’s been showing up regularly near the top right of the screen for quite some time now. It sits their saying “X and Y have found friends using…”

I’d never really given it much thought until last week when I accidentally loged into someone else’s account on a shared PC, only to see my name there telling them I’d used ‘friend finder’ to successfully locate friends on Facebook…

No I haven’t! I never let such sites search through my email accounts, and never enter a password anywhere other than for the site it is used for. So why am I showing there?

I followed up with a bit of a poll amongst other family and friends it turns out I’m far from the only one appearing there that has never used the service.

Surely it’s not just me that gets offended by a site using my name for what is effectively a fake testimonial?

Given the issues Facebook has had over privacy recently, you think they might be a bit more careful!

I wonder if they’ll notice, or care about the Facebook group I set up highlighting the issue?

3 Responses to Is it just me?

  • I wasn’t aware of the ‘fake testimonial aspect’, Alan, but I agree totally with what you say about the need for Facebook to behave more carefully (and responsibly) in general.

    I no longer have any personal or business Facebook accounts partly because I was sick of getting ‘friend’ requests from people I hardly knew, but mainly because increasingly I don’t like the uses that the medium is put to, and the material posted on it. I think it will quickly pass it’s sell-by date, to be honest. (Possibly not Social Networking in general, just Facebook).

  • Enjoyed the article Nick, and totally agree.

    I abhor sites like and – not just for the way they ‘steal’ information, but for their misleading inaccuracy. Hope all is good for you over there to!