It’s the I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T!


Just to clarify. Here is a map of the geographic region in which we can operate! 🙂

It’s no secret that we’ve been living in mainland Spain for the last year. Since then we’ve been extremely busy and as a result this site has been neglected somewhat. I’ve been prompted to bring it back to life…

Recently Elle was asked if we still do websites for clients in Lanzarote. What an odd question! Of course we do. Why wouldn’t we – many of our existing clients (and friends of course) are on the island. We’re also working on a couple of sites for new clients from Lanzarote as I type this.

One of the joys of the type of work we do is that we get to live anywhere, whilst working with clients all over the world. To think that what we do is location dependant misses the point of what we do entirely. This is the Internet, the age of no borders, the age of remote working, We communicate by phone, by email, via Skype, and through social networks. We have many clients we’ve never even met in person.

So in answer to the original question, to make things clear we continue to work with new and existing clients in Lanzarote, as well as our clients on the other Canary Islands, in mainland Spain, the UK, France, Germany, the US, and Australia

Will we be back on the island? We’ll be back periodically of course – so many clients, and so many good friends. Permanently? Who knows what the future holds.