Little Chef puts Spam on the menu!

We’re all used to the Viagra, Nigerian scams, make money fast and the other clearly recognizable spam we receive in the hundreds each day. It’s a fact of life – we’ve all learned to deal with it. But it seriously offends me when such recognizable brands as Little Chef start spamming me.

This morning I got unsolicited mail from Little Chef. The particular address that was used has not been used on a daily basis for a number of years. It has clearly been gathered from a website – there’s no doubt in my mind.

Is the Little Chef marketing department that inept that they are prepared to risk the reputation of the brand in this way? Are they stupid enough to employ third party providers to market them illegally? If they are, do they have any idea how these people are denigrating their name or are they leaving one of the ‘Johnny Come Lately’ internet marketing ‘experts’ (sic) to it without proper control?

Why the hell should I expend my energy clicking an unsubcribe link to a list I haven’t subscribed to! I know it takes a lot more energy but I’d rather spend my time writing this and reporting the abuse to their hosting company. I’m not one to just passively accept this kind of crap from such a brand.

At this point I have to admit though, I was quite partial to the occasional Little Chef breakfast when on the road back in the UK, though it’s very unlikely on any of my rare visits there I would avail myself of one now. Good advertising and marketing does not persuade me to buy, but, bad marketing like this does persuade me not to buy. For heavens sake Little Chef marketing department – pull your socks up!

And, just a little note on targeting for you…

“Kids Eat Free” is of little interest to me;

1. My kids are adults

2. I live in Spain

And finally, the Facebook page link on your website (which doesn’t appear to have been updated since July last year) doesn’t work. I wonder why that might be? Open complaints perhaps?

If you want some proper professional advice on how to market yourself effectively, and legally do give me a call. I’ll give you a couple of hours for free!

“You cannot transmit, or instigate the transmission of, unsolicited marketing material by electronic mail to an individual subscriber unless they have previously notified you, the sender, that they consent, for the time being, to receiving such communications. There is an exception to this rule which has been widely referred to as the soft opt in (Regulation 22(2) refers).” Excerpt from Electronic mail (Regulations 22 and 23) of the Information Commissioner’s Office website.


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