More copyright theft…

Yacht charter LanzaroteSeems they are at it again…

I know, I´ve been talking about this a lot recently – but it’s an important issue. Today, eagle eyed Sally from Sail Lanzarote S.L. spotted in her stats some suspicious activity, and asked us to look into it… This afternoon she came back with a web address – which she again found in the stats – that had clearly plagiarized their website.

They had downloaded the site using FrontPage and changed the images and made minor alterations to the text. It was a clear breach of copyright – all our sites and those of our clients carry a copyright warning.

So, on this page are the two screens grabs for you to compare…

Was the site copied? We reckon clearly, and as every occasion in these circumstances we were prepared to go as far as legal action to deal with this if necessary.

Yacht charter Gran CanariaWhilst we find it somewhat flattering that people like our work enough to copy it, and it also being a testament to Sally and Paul’s writing skills – it is not acceptable to steal copyrighted materials, so we took action.

Here’s the email we sent…

You have blatantly copied a website designed for one of our clients – in addition to copying much of the text you have also copied the web page design for which our client paid for. The original site has a clear copyright notice which you have breached.

In addition to being unprofessional, lazy and ill mannered, to steal text and design in this manner is a breach of international copyright law as outlined under the Berne Convention.

May I suggest very strongly you remove this text immediately and desist from using the original design or we and or our clients (a registered Spanish S.L. company) will no option other than to pursue any means available to us to have it removed. In addition to facing possible action from our lawyer in La Palma, we fully intend to bring your illegal actions to the attention of Google, your hosts, the SE domain registrar, and to the attention of the general public via any and all online media available to us.

I expect the content to be removed within 24 hours and an apology to my client for your blatant abuse of their hard work and investment of time and money spent on their business. Please, make no mistake that action will be taken if you do not comply within 24 hours this is not an idle threat.

At the time of writing  the pages have now been removed (or possibly renamed – so we will be checking in the future) – so no need for me to name names. 

It will be interested to see if the apology is also forthcoming? We’ll keep you posted…

5 Responses to More copyright theft…

  • I could not believe that all the hard work and hours spent on our website by you and ourselves could be copied by someone so quickly and without thought. So glad that you were able to deal with it promptly and effectively.

    What a cheek, too lazy to make their own website!

  • I’m constantly amazed at the numbers of people who claim that theft isn’t theft if it’s taken from the Internet. I’ve even found people linking to my photos, so that I’m still paying the bandwidth. At least it made it easy to remove the photo from their site.

  • It´s difficult to solve. I have the name @lanzarote in Tweeter and now there is somebody recently with the name @lanzarote_ and he is using the copyrighted Lanzarote logo in its account too, incredible!
    Good luck and congratulations for your good job.

  • Rafa – always worth reading the terms and conditions of the sites on which people like the one you described post and reporting them if they are in breach.

    I will drop you an email later today with the website I talked about in a previous post – – so you can keep an eye on them. Like our Canary Nightlife site, your sites are just the type of thing they will steal from…

  • It seems today these same people have been rummaging around our clients website….

    Returning Visits: 12
    Location: Las Palmas, Canarias, Spain
    IP Address: Telefonica De Espana ( [Label IP Address]
    Entry Page: /C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Katrine/Lokala%20inst?llningar/Temporary%20Internet%20Files/FrontPageTempDir/pvw7.htm
    Exit Page: /C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Katrine/Lokala%20inst?llningar/Temporary%20Internet%20Files/FrontPageTempDir/pvw16.htm
    Referring URL: No referring link

    I have no idea what they are up to at the moment – but they can be sure if they even come close to breaching copyright again, all hell will break loose and the original threats we made will be carried out.

    I was tempted previously to say who it was – as no apology was forthcoming but let it be…

    Now, frankly I, and Paul and Sally are getting a little pi**ed off with this… So, here’s the culprit – they are Swan Charter Gran Canaria

    If this whole incident is an indication of their level of professionalism, courtesy, respect for other and respect for the law I would strongly suggest not doing business with them – I am sure their are plenty of REPUTABLE and PROFESSIONAL yacht charter companies in Gran Canaria you might use instead.

    So when you read this, please heed the warnings, and my client is still waiting for an apology for your unprofessional and illegal behaviour.