One thing not that many people in Lanzarote know about me was that I originally did a degree in photography – but never chose to follow it as a career. I’ve taken on the occasional project over the years (usually under duress), and have spent some time teaching the subject (far more appealing to me than the pressures of professional photography) in higher education both in the UK and US… But, I still keep my hand in for my own pleasure and amusement and sell the occasional image through photo libraries.

We’ve recently written on this site, and our site about moving to Lanzarote. about Geoff Holt’s bid to become the first quadriplegic sailor to cross the Atlantic unassisted after we met him at the Rubicon Marina in Playa Blanca. Over dinner one evening this came up in conversation – a couple of days later Geoff and his PR company asked me to take the official leaving pictures of the crew and the boat to be distributed that day to the press.

I don’t normally do things like this, but as it was Geoff, I found it hard to refuse – he has a way with gentle persuasion! Of course I was happy to give my time to help… If I do do photography for someone else – it tends to be stuff like this I won’t charge for, either not for profit or charity work. (That doesn’t mean this is an invitation to anyone starting up a ‘save the cockroach’ campaign or whatever to call me – it’s not going to happen! I’m usually far to busy and made an exception in this instance :))…

I have to say – I did enjoy doing it for a change. And, once a photographer – always a photographer. I still get a kick out of seeing my work in print in the national press and around the Internet with a credit.

As a side note – Perhaps my original education might explain to people why I have a tendency to be so vehement about defending the copyright and intellectual property of Gandy-Draper when our work and photographs are stolen off ours, and our clients sites…

Anyway – if you want to follow Geoff Holt’s progress you can do so on his website through his regular blogs about the trip.

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