Search Engine Optimisation

Just as if nobody knew a shop existed, it wouldn’t make any money… the same goes for websites. If nobody knows to look for it, then it won’t succeed in whatever you want it to do.

There are many ways of promoting your website, such as advertising elsewhere on the internet, in printed publications, television and radio advertising. You could spend hundreds, even thousands on getting your site known. But there is another way, which can cost you little more than some of your time.

Search Engine Optimisation/Optimization (SEO).

First of all – no web design company can guarantee you a number one slot with a search engine, despite their promises. How do we know this? Well… don’t take our word for it. Google has something to say about the matter.

Search Engine Optimisation is a widely spoken about subject… and a simple search in Google just a few moments ago brought up almost 3 and a half million results! That’s a lot of opinions!


Why Google?

A quick search in Google for the term “Search Engine” has brought up one hundred and twenty million results. Many sites will invite you to submit your site to them, offering to submit your site to thousands of others for free, or a modest charge – don’t bother! All you need to be interested in are the major players… and Google is the definitely the most important. In September 2007, this is how it compared to others, according to DM News

+ Google – nearly 4.0 billion searches, 54%
+ Yahoo Search – 1.4 billion or 19.5%
+ MSN/Windows Live Search – 890 million searches, 12%
+ AOL Search 6%
+ Search 2.2%

Google certainly is the king with referrals to commercial sites, and optimising your site for Google can only be beneficial for search engines on the whole.

“Relevant Results” is Google’s secret to success, and it states that, “Google’s order of results is automatically determined by more than 100 factors, including our PageRank algorithm”.

Google guards the secret of this formula for success fiercely, but there are some simple tips that will improve a website’s chances in the marketplace. These factors are fine-tuned and changed regularly by Google as site owners attempt to “cheat the system”.