How to deal with sites linking to your images

It always amuses me this one… It’s not hard to find people linking to your images. In doing so they are stealing both copyright and bandwidth from you.Its not on to do this without permission – so, when you find them, dealing with it is very simple. Just replace the image on your site with one of your choice and hey presto, you’ll p**s them off royally.

My favourite from the annals of history is the guy who had the Conservative Party displaying an image from his site – he replaced the image of a politician with one of a penis.

Here’s one I prepared earlier after we found someone stealing from Canary Nightlife.



Fotolia photo library

fotolia photo libraryIn recent months we’ve become big fans of Fotolia stock library…

One of the biggest problems as a web designer can be finding suitable photographs to fit with our clients websites. Having waded through many an on-line stock library in the past I always seem to end up back at Fotolia which must have one of the biggest collections of them all – approaching 7 million photographs.

Prices for images suitable sizes for use on the web start from 2 or 3 Euro.

What is surprising is that a quick search on Lanzarote will throw up over 1.100 images – which makes it particularly useful for businesses on the island. And most are of very good quality due to a human based acceptance system – you won’t find many holiday snaps on this site!

So – no need to steal any of my photographs from our sites, or from other popular sites on the island as happens all to often.

It only costs a couple of Euro to avoid breaching copyright laws! 😉