SEO Tips

Are you on page one of Google?

We were looking at some figures the other day relating to just how far users dig into Google when searching.

You may not be shocked to hear that the average is that 76.4% of users don’t delve any deeper than page one. It’s not an astonishing figure, kind of what we imagined – but what it does tell you is that if you’re only on page two you’re lucky to pick up the scraps. If you’re on page three – forget it, your site may as well not exist.

Is it not time you invested in getting yourself further up the rankings? What is the real value of a client, an extra sale, or a few bookings worth in your business. Quite possibly less than the cost, especially in the medium to long term.

SEO doesn’t have to be complicated, quite often applying a couple of common sense principles at a bit of clever targeting can give your site a lift. Not does it have to be ridiculously expensive. If you’d like us to give you a few suggestions how we can help you, and how you can help yourself, drop us an email and we’ll give your website a ‘health check’ and offer a few recommendations without obligation.

Do you even know where you are for your keywords? Do you know what your keywords are? If you don’t, you might be interested to know we are currently offering a free search engine monitoring service. For more information click here.

Typos can be good!

A few days ago we stumbled on a number one position on Google for one of our sites. More by good luck than planning in this case, the number one position was for a phrase very relevant to the site in question – but it was a typo – and a VERY common misspelling…

Should you find this at any time – don’t fix it – this is a good thing. Your site will no doubt have your search terms duplicated elsewhere, so no need to worry.

Don’t be afraid also to include common misspellings within you keywords and descriptions. Find a really common one and it can work very well for you…

Adbeans – an alternative to Google AdSense

Just recently we’ve started adding some ads (in addition to AdSense) to a couple of our sites through AdBeans. They approached us with a particular site in mind – we were hitting an audience they wanted.

It’s a nice little system for generating a bit of extra income from your website.

As opposed to AdSense, Adbeans the monthly value of the ads for your website based on a number of criteria, and then sell the space on your behalf. All you need to do is add a bit of code – or if you are using blog software it can usually be added with a download. We had a few problems on one of our sites – but their support was fantastic! The ads are easily made to fit your site content – if you look to the bottom of the left column you can see the ads that appear on this site.

You decide how many ads to show and on what pages – and you can also veto any specific ads if you feel they are not right for your site. Not that we have needed to – the ads assigned to our account appear to have been well selected.

Let´s be honest the AdBeans website isn’t great – it sort of looks a bit unfinished – but the emphasis is on functinality rather than promotion. But take our word for it – their system works fine once you are registered and is bringing us a nice little side income.

Your not going to make a fortune using them – but it is guaranteed income rather than pay per click. The big difference is AdBeans is not their just, or maybe in some cases not at all for the click through. It is their to support the SEO activities of their clients – it’s about creating quality inbound links.

It is certainly worth signing up to AdBeans to see what it can do for you.

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Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEOIt is suggested that the terms “Black Hat” and “White Hat” originates back to the early Western movies… where the bad guys wore black hats – and the good guys wore… yes you’ve guessed it, white hats.

As with most things, if there’s a faster or easier way of achieving something… then people will want to try it – that’s what Black Hat SEO is. I’ll happily microwave scrambled eggs rather than take the time in the saucepan, and then have that joy of scraping off cooked egg! But this Black Hat methodology goes back to when Search Engines were a lot less sophisticated than they are today. Continue reading