Thieves and vagabonds!

Okay, I write a fair bit about copyright on this site. The integrity of your web content is vital and it’s crucial you control exactly how and where it’s used. Over the years we’ve had to deal with everything from stolen articles and photographs to the extreme, not once but twice, of having entire sites cloned. I’m a photographer and take any copyright breaches very seriously – if you’re going to steal my work expect to have a fight on your hands! Continue reading

How to deal with sites linking to your images

It always amuses me this one… It’s not hard to find people linking to your images. In doing so they are stealing both copyright and bandwidth from you.Its not on to do this without permission – so, when you find them, dealing with it is very simple. Just replace the image on your site with one of your choice and hey presto, you’ll p**s them off royally.

My favourite from the annals of history is the guy who had the Conservative Party displaying an image from his site – he replaced the image of a politician with one of a penis.

Here’s one I prepared earlier after we found someone stealing from Canary Nightlife.



More copyright theft…

Yacht charter LanzaroteSeems they are at it again…

I know, I´ve been talking about this a lot recently – but it’s an important issue. Today, eagle eyed Sally from Sail Lanzarote S.L. spotted in her stats some suspicious activity, and asked us to look into it… This afternoon she came back with a web address – which she again found in the stats – that had clearly plagiarized their website.

They had downloaded the site using FrontPage and changed the images and made minor alterations to the text. It was a clear breach of copyright – all our sites and those of our clients carry a copyright warning.

So, on this page are the two screens grabs for you to compare…

Was the site copied? We reckon clearly, and as every occasion in these circumstances we were prepared to go as far as legal action to deal with this if necessary.

Yacht charter Gran CanariaWhilst we find it somewhat flattering that people like our work enough to copy it, and it also being a testament to Sally and Paul’s writing skills – it is not acceptable to steal copyrighted materials, so we took action.

Here’s the email we sent…

You have blatantly copied a website designed for one of our clients – in addition to copying much of the text you have also copied the web page design for which our client paid for. The original site has a clear copyright notice which you have breached.

In addition to being unprofessional, lazy and ill mannered, to steal text and design in this manner is a breach of international copyright law as outlined under the Berne Convention.

May I suggest very strongly you remove this text immediately and desist from using the original design or we and or our clients (a registered Spanish S.L. company) will no option other than to pursue any means available to us to have it removed. In addition to facing possible action from our lawyer in La Palma, we fully intend to bring your illegal actions to the attention of Google, your hosts, the SE domain registrar, and to the attention of the general public via any and all online media available to us.

I expect the content to be removed within 24 hours and an apology to my client for your blatant abuse of their hard work and investment of time and money spent on their business. Please, make no mistake that action will be taken if you do not comply within 24 hours this is not an idle threat.

At the time of writing  the pages have now been removed (or possibly renamed – so we will be checking in the future) – so no need for me to name names. 

It will be interested to see if the apology is also forthcoming? We’ll keep you posted…

Theft of copyright content

Copyright symbolIt may surprise some people on Lanzarote and the Canary Islands (given how common Coyright Infringement is in the region), but International Copyright Law (see the Berne Convention) still applies as much here as it does anywhere else in the world. We constantly monitor the Internet  to protect our Copyrighted text, images and other intellectual property, on ours and our clients sites, to ensure it is not being used without our authority by other websites.

Only yesterday we had three instances of this…

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