Telefonica Domo phone and router manuals

One of the things Telefonica users in Lanzarote (and the rest of Spain) have difficulty finding is manuals, in English, for the Domo phone and routers that are provided on connection. Telefonica don’t supply them in English – much like they don’t readily supply technical support in English either. Customer service, especially to a large minority group like the English speakers in Spain, is not top of their priority list! No doubt this kind of exclusion, were it in the UK, is most probably illegal in this day and age!

Telefonica routerHere are the manuals we found for the Domo phone, and the router we were supplied. It took us quite a bit of time to find the router model as the Telfonica version is only branded with the Telefonica logo. The model we have (which has since been replaced) turned out to be this, should you find it helpful if you encounter problems. There are a number of other models around as they do change occasionally – so we’ve included a picture to save you spending time downloading the manuals if your router doesn’t look like this one.

Domo phone manual (Telefonica)

Domo2 Phone Manual (Telefonica) – Quick start guide

Domo2 Phone Manual (Telefonica) – Full

Router manual (Telefonica) – Quick start guide

Router manual (Telefonica) – User guide

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5 Responses to Telefonica Domo phone and router manuals

  • Thank you for providing the Domo 2 Quick Start Guide, but do you know where I can download the User Guide for this phone?

    Best regards

    John O’Gorman

  • We have not been able to get a copy in English (yet) – but do have the Spanish version available if it is of any help to you.

  • Thanks for the Router manual in English, do you no where i can get a copy of the installation software disc (in English). After my computer crashed i had to re-install everything and cant find the software disc for the router and i need to make changes to the settings and cant access the router.


    Steve M

  • Steve – I don’t think the Telefonica installation disk for the router is available in English. The router is only branded as Telefonica and was manufactured by ZyXEL (I believe it is discontinued now). Their website is, perhaps you can download the software from there, or maybe get some tech support through them…

    We ended up replacing the router fairly quickly as the way it is set up, you can not get access to change all of the settings. However, if you can get the software direct, this may get around that problem. Hope this helps!